Let’s try our best to make the family reunion one of the trips to inlcude in your things to do.
Let’s come together and “turn up” as the younger generation likes to say.  Let’s turn up our love, our consideration, our time and our roots together.
Let’s love on one another, let’s share knowledge, history and heritage.  
We all know everyone does what we really want to do.  Let’s work on spending quality time with family being one of the things we really want to do. 
We have a large amazing family. Each person in this family brings their own special piece to this very large puzzle.  If we put together all the pieces, we become whole. As a whole, we are a force to be reckoned with. 
Let’s all bring our pieces to the reunion and work on putting all the pieces in their place to become one whole.  Alone, we merely move tables, but together we can move mountains!  
Let’s come together to move these mountains of disdain, lack of trust, hurt, pain and any other negative feelings out of our way and move into a space of love, trust, understanding and compassion.  All of these will lead us to a place of healing which will lead us to FAMILY!!
We look forward to seeing you at the reunion in Louisville, KY
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Everlyn Smith
Parent Center Coordinator Single 2